Waterproof Tablet Floor Kiosk Outdoor Square Construction Site School Parking Lot Stand

In the past 2023, our newly designed IP55 waterproof outdoor tablet floor kiosk stand has achieved excellent sales results.
Many customers use this outdoor waterproof tablet pc kiosk in outdoor plazas, construction sites, schools, shopping malls, hotel entrances, parking lot entrances and exits, and are installed in the United States, Canada, Germany and Australia.

What a great idea to use a tablet pc (especially an iPad) instead of a clunky advertising machine. A hotel in Germany used this outdoor terminal compatible with 10.2 inch iPad at the door of the hotel, by entering and checking the check-in information in the tablet pc, customers can complete the hotel check-in procedures outside the hotel, only using an outdoor waterproof tablet kiosk stand.
Construction companies in Australia and Germany used our outdoor waterproof kiosk for 12.9 inch iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 at the entrance of construction sites. All employees can self-register their access information by scanning the one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcode of the employee card through the front camera of the tablet computer. Our tablet kiosk helps with the information management of construction site personnel, which we are pleased to see.

This outdoor tablet terminal kiosk is used in schools in the United States to help students self check information and register student access cards outdoors. Students can quickly complete information retrieval and input student card information outdoors or indoors.
In the United States and Canada, customers used this outdoor waterproofing tablet kiosk for iPad at the entrance of parking lots in shopping malls, office buildings, and squares. People can register parking information and pay parking fees in this tablet kiosk when entering and exiting the parking lot. On the square or outdoor parking lot, use this terminal to quickly query vehicle location information or complete parking fee payment.
We have designed a waterproof performance higher than IP55 for this metal enclosure. The outdoor enclosure cabinet uses dense welding technology to avoid the generation of gaps. Use sealing silicone on the back of the cabinet to prevent water from seeping in from the back door.
Waterproof the window position of a tablet is a very difficult job, after hundreds of tests, KUNLY team created a transparent waterproof panel to cover tablet pc. The customized waterproof panel covers on the top of the tablet and is only 0.3mm thickness, which does not affect the touch function of the tablet, but provides enough hardness and tensile force to protect the tablet and prevent water from entering the tablet and cabinet interior.

In winter, the outdoor tablet floor stand can still be used outdoor in Germany and Canada at minus 30 degrees Celsius. This is due to our customized automatic heater for this outdoor stand. When the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the heater will automatically start heating, and when the heating temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius, the heater will stop working to save power. In a low-temperature outdoor environment, the tablet can always work in the internal environment of the machine at 0 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. This prevents the tablet from automatically shutting down due to cold temperatures.
Over the summer, we tested it in Australia and China. When the outdoor temperature is higher than 26 degrees Celsius and there is strong sunlight, the metal outdoor cabinet and tablet will heat up rapidly, if you can not cool the tablet, the tablet will start the protection function automatically shut down. So we installed an automatic cooling system inside the waterproof tablet stand for iPad and Samsung tablets. When the internal temperature of the terminal is higher than 26 degrees Celsius, the cooling system will automatically work, and the high-speed fan will blow from the outside to the inside of the housing, and the air will be emitted at the top of the housing, forming a cold air circulation system and cooling the tablet computer. Of course, we can also set other temperatures to start working.
Protected by automatic heating and cooling, KUNLY's waterproof outdoor tablet kiosk stand can operate at a wide operating temperature of -30 °C to +45 °C.

In order to protect the tablet from theft when it is used outdoors, we have installed a strong anti-theft lock to make it difficult for thieves to open this outdoor terminal.
The outdoor tablet floor stand can be mounted with a base or fixed directly to the ground with expansion screws. The required expansion screws are provided inside the package.
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