With over 10 years dedicated to customized design and integration, KUNLY has ample experience in custom Design. Steep customization is an ongoing daily demand.
KUNLY operates at Shenzhen, China based more than 10000 square meters manufacturing facility with capabilities that include: shearing, bending, welding, punching, rolling, polishing, buffing, milling, grinding, painting, surface finishing, assembly & shipping.

Are you in need of metal stand for iPad and other tablets and built to your exacting specifications and utility? We can design and build tablet stand that is fitted with your unique requirements. This will allow you to get the tablet display product that just fits all your needs.
We also specializing in design, fabrication, assembly, development, and integration of metal anti theft stands for iPad and other tablets, digital signages, TV stands, metal podiums, and other products made by metal materials.

To meet this high demand, we hired an experienced design team. We set up a special project team to meet customers' customized needs, to finally provide customers with satisfactory solutions.

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Email us: info@kunlydisplay.com